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No, I didn't already cancel the game, I'm talking about the Kickstarter! 

It's been an amazing experience thus far, and also a ton of hard work and dedication to promote the Kickstarter page, whether it be answer questions or posting updates, and just trying to be there to interact with people. One thing is for sure, should I do another Kickstarter in the future I will not be launching it the morning I leave for an event!
The morning I left for San Francisco to do Casual Connect, is when I started the Kickstarter. I was literally sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to board when I clicked the "Launch" button on the campaign. I was pretty amazed to see so many brand new backers as soon as I landed!
However, it definitely proved hard to interact with people over Kickstarter and also be there at Casual Connect 100%. To anyone thinking about launching their own Kickstarter, it's a lot like having a second full time job. Granted, I loved every minute of it. Interacting with people that were finally getting to see my game for the first time was absolutely amazing! It was definitely a great feeling, but I really underestimated how hard it was to promote something like this. But, now we're at less than 48 hours left in the campaign and we're at 104% so we're currently moving towards our first stretch goal! It's been absolutely amazing, and the kindness of strangers from all over, is absolutely incredibly humbling. 

As of right now, I'm still working on the game and redoing the animations for Sidd, and also redesigning him a bit. I've gotten a lot of feedback on his current design, that he seems too much like a half human half robot, so I'm redesigning him a bit to make his intended design come across a bit better. Not only that, but his attacks and things are going through an entire overhaul. While his animations worked they were never something I thought were "super cool" just "okay". Not only will the new animations look better, but they will also add to Sidd's range of attack, and hopefully make the overall experience a bit less frustrating! I'm also going to be changing his overall size a bit, and making him not only a bit more cartoony looking, but also a bit more child like! I'm sure I'll update the Facebook page with animation updates once they are finished, so be sure to check back often!


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