The Production Blog of Sword 'N' Board
So within the last couple weeks I've been hard at work on Sword 'N' Board, really tryin to get things finished and polished. While I have a working demo, I really want to get the animations for Sidd done before really showing it to people. Because frankly, not having the ability to attack in 2 directions really impacts the way the game plays and I want people to be able to play the game the way its intended (for the most part).

During the time that I've been working on the game, I've also been looking for ways to fund the game and get it attention beyond just Facebook and this development blog. I've gotten a lot of great advice from several people and so I've reached out to a few people I know. 

Well, Sword 'N' Board is going to Casual Connect as part of the Indie Showcase! You can find the page here:

So, I will be attending Casual Connect at the end of July, and demoing Sword 'N' Board there for the public. Around that time (hopefully within the same day or so) I will also be launching a small kickstart to help fund the game further, and try and get it in front of even more people! The Kickstarter will be for about 5 - 6 thousand dollars or so, and I'll be announcing it when it is finally up and active!

As of right now, I'm still animating Sidd, and it's coming together rather quickly, and a lot of the things that I was struggling with before are finally coming together! A lot of the bugs that I had with the money previously are now taken care of finally working, which I'm really happy about!

Anyhow, I better get back to work! 


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