The Production Blog of Sword 'N' Board
We're really down to the wire at Hashbang right now working hard on our current game, so I haven't been able to work on Sword 'N' Board as much as I would like unfortunately.
Right now I'm doing all of the animations for our current game, so while I've been getting much better and faster at animating, it also has made it hard to put in the time that I would like for Sword 'N' Board, but I'm confident than the things that I'm doing now will 100% make Sword 'N' Board an even better game. 

Obviously the game is highly inspired by the Legend of Zelda, but I've decided to redesign Sidd, our main character to be a bit more of his own character. Right now, he looks a lot like Link, which was totally intentional but I think he deserves to be his own character. While the game was definitely meant to be a parody of teh Legend of Zelda, that doesn't mean it has to mimic the game or the characters as much. 

I've always intended the mechanics of the game to be much more involved and puzzle oriented than the Legend of Zelda has been recently, and that's still very much my intention.

With parody there's a fine line between creating a game that is inspired by another game, but still it's own entity and making a game that shadows another, which isn't what I want to do at all. 

I think the redesign of Sidd will bring more to the game, and help it stand out a bit more (and yes, he will keep his sword and shield)

Right now, it's all about bug fixing, animating and getting things taken care of, so hopefully I'll have some new artwork to share soon!