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It's a strange thing being the only person working on a game, it's a weird balancing act when it comes to choosing what to prioritize within the game and it's development.

While I have a lot of fun programming different aspects of the game, while I'm working on programing no artwork gets done, and the reverse is also true.  So I decided to put my focus into one thing at a time, and so I'm currently doing nothing but artwork!

Right now, its really a matter of just going down the list of assets I'm going to need, and getting them created for the game! Once all of the assets are done, and the enemies are put together and animated, it's just a matter of getting it all programmed!

It definitely feels better doing it this way, rather than bouncing back and forth between the two, and the artwork for the game is actually coming along rather quickly! Much like programming, I'm already far ahead of my own schedule that I've set myself to for my production time line.

So far, with everything that I've learned along the way in Construct 2, I'm definitely happy with the engine I'm using. I do see that should I want to really produce a game that I'm going to want to sell to people, that I may need to change to something like Game Maker Studio, which has PC and Mac specific export options, but that's definitely something I will worry about when I come to it.

As far as the Beta for the game goes, I'm really hoping it will be ready by April. While the Beta won't be the full game, I'm hoping to include enough of the game to really show people what the game is about, and really see the Mechanics of the game. Right now, I feel like people think it will play exactly like the Legend of Zelda since it's really a parody of that, but I definitely intend there being mechanics that are much different from what people really know of the Legend of Zelda as making a parody of a game, that plays verbatim like the game it's trying to parody seemed kind of pointless. I definitely wanted to do something new. So I'm hoping people will really be able to see that come April.

Not only that, but April is really going to be the time where I really start marketing the game to other Indie game sites, in hopes of getting the word spread a bit more. Until I have a demo available that the sites can play, it's really pointless to try and tell them about it. Since the game is going to be totally free, it's really just about getting as many people to play the game as possible.

Currently, the support I've been getting from friends, family and even people I don't know has been absolutely amazing, and extremely humbling. Even the small amount of likes on Sword 'N' Board's Facebook page is really already exceeding what I expected from it. Right now, I have about 12 people on the Beta list to help test the game, and I'm hoping the Beta release a month before the full game release will really help knock out a lot of the bugs that may be in the game that I didn't happen to notice along the way. I'm only one person, so I'm sure I will miss things.

May 17th 2013 is the release! Until then, I better get back to work. May isn't very far away.


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