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Holy cow... talk about a week of Holidays, family and artwork.
It was really great seeing my family for Christmas and being able to see my little brother, but even that didn't seem to keep me from working.

It was really nice to actually show some of my family what I've accomplished with the game so far, and how it's coming along. It's a strange balancing act when it comes to this production blog, as while I want to keep things interesting for anyone that happens to stop by and take the time to read this, I also have to keep some details somewhat secret. I don't want to give everything away before the game is finished!

So far the support that I've gotten from my friends and family is absolutely amazing! My cousin Ryan has almost made a mode to share every post on Sword 'N' Board's Facebook page, which is absolutely amazing as well (thank you Ryan!).

I've definitely felt that I needed to get a bit more artwork up on here, aside from little screenshots of the UI or game Icons, just to make things a bit more interesting. The downside to that of course being that since I'm the only person working on the game, that while artwork is coming out, no programming is being down.

However, that doesn't mean that I haven't been programming at all! In fact I've managed to program one of the main mechanics/abilities that I'm sure a lot of people are going to want to use. I was a bit afraid of it at first, as it's one of the main technically complicated mechanics of the game, and will probably end up being one of the most difficult ones to program out of all the other abilities that you'll acquire throughout the game. But, I was able to get it working, and finished, so that's yet another thing to mark off the list!

Another road block that I recently ran into, is sound effects! I'm not a sound guy, and I literally have 0 sound recording equipment, but I'm obviously going to need sounds and music for the game right?

Luckily, a wonderful site called has a large library of different sound effects that I can use for free for the game. It's just a matter of going through each of the sound effects, and finding the perfect sounds for each of the actions and abilities that they relate to!

Now, it's off to programming some Enemy A.I.!

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