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So this is coming a day late, but I wanted to make sure I had something worth talking about before posting!

It's funny designing this game, and coming up with different mechanics for it. Obviously it being a game that is heavily influenced by the original Legend of Zelda, I wanted to keep that feeling, while also remaining true to the theme that I have in place for the game. Not only that but I didn't see a purpose of doing a game that is exactly like the Legend of Zelda, so I wanted to add things to it that I would have liked to have seen before when I was 5 years old and playing it for the first time.
At first, I was thinking of the Items the players will be collecting as they make their way through the game and I was entirely too focused on making sure they were entirely different from the ones you'd find the Legend of Zelda, which then created another issue in figuring out what exactly I wanted these items to be able to do, or what their purpose was.

I quickly realized that the item itself didn't matter, if the things it did were completely different from what people could do with them.

And then, I started asking myself a lot of "What if?" Questions. As in "What if I could shield myself, and then use an item that had some sort of Area of effect stun around the player? What if they could use multiple different items in different combinations?"

Now, none of these questions were really ground breaking in any way, in fact they've been done in other games, but what will make them interesting is the different things they will allow you to do, and how you'll somewhat be able to customize the way your character plays to your play style, which I think will add another level of fun to the game.

Of course with new mechanics, and new abilities, must come new enemies and different bosses to make things a bit more challenging for everyone that will play the game, which I can't wait to get into very soon!

Currently, the focus of the production is on the UI, as that's going to be large part of the game and how the player interacts with the game.
UI is one of those things you really don't want to neglect, as you don't want to feel like you're having to fight a game while you're playing it. It should feel intuitive and get you back in and playing as quickly as possible. No one wants to fight with a control scheme for even a minute or two, or else it gets frustrating, and the person playing will just turn it off!

Once the UI is in place, and all is working as it should, it's really just a matter of designing the characters and the enemies, and getting them all in place!

Until next Friday! (Or sooner... we'll see)


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