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As you can see with the updates, it's been a long month or so since I've updated last! I found myself with little time to do much of anything, except work on the game. 
Last month found myself with my first investor and business partner, which was completely unexpected and out of the blue but definitely an amazing thing to have happen and at such a crucial time!
I found myself really without an option, and almost having to completely scrap going to San Francisco for Casual Connect to show off the game and help promote the Kickstarter, but luckily Luke Burtis of came completely out of left field and helped to fund the trip (and my wedding plans) which was an amazing thing to have happen with a project that I've put so much of my self into.

Kickstarter has been an experience, and an experience that I quite honestly underestimated. I never really thought about just how much work went into a Kickstarter. I knew there was going to be press and marketing things to do, but I never really thought about just how much I wasn't in a head space to do it. Coming out of developing a game, doing the artwork every day, to writing emails is a completely different head space to be in. 

Luckily, at Casual Connect I met some great people, including a man I would room with named Jay Ziebarth! Jay has a sense of humor and quick wit that I totally clicked with immediately, and then later saw at Casual Connect, also had a great eye for design! Jay does point and click adventure games, one of which I immediately loved was The Ballads of Reemus. Jay has done a huge number of games, but this one he showed at Casual Connect, to great affect! He also won an award for best storytelling! Not to mention the fact that the animations are absolutely awesome!

I told Jay of course about the Kickstarter, and how much trouble I was already having with it, and he told me about a group of people from the Adventure Game Revival Movement that really got on board with his project, so I of course reached out to them as well!

Their support through all of this has been amazing, from feedback on the campaign, to improving the quality of the tier rewards, to even finding me other independent game related sites to help spread the word about the campaign, and their support has been absolutely amazing!

It's been an odd month, from going to completely developing this game alone in a vacuume to pushing my game out in front of people (be it possibly a little prematurely, as there are still things I'm tweaking and adding in to the game) and having them play the game, it's absolutely insane. However, what I really never thought about when developing the game, was the overwhelming amount of support I would recieve from people. They actually seem to like the game, and for the most part see the theme for which I intended it. There are definitely still story things that need to be added to further flesh out the story and the theme behind things, but that will definitely come over time. 

While I may be absolutely exhausted from working on the game, and working on press things, the support from people I've never met has been absolutely worth it. 


08/12/2013 4:25pm

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