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For the last couple of weeks, I really plowed into doing art assets for the Dungeons in the game, since programming had to come to a complete halt.
The engine that the game is using currently, is Construct 2, which is turning out to be an absolutely amazing engine for someone like me who doesn't know how to actually program. The limitations of the engine are really few and far between and really allows for things to be added and prototyped pretty quickly.
The problem however, was I was using the free version of the engine, and to encourage you to buy the actual license for the engine, it has certain limitations which I hit while designing the beta.
I had hoped to get the Beta done within the limits of the free engine, but alas, I wasn't so lucky. And so I hit a bit of a wall in development and had to focus my efforts into things that I could do to still keep production on the game moving forward, even if programming the game had to take a backseat for a little while.

But, that's all put to an end now, as the full version license has been purchased! Now, there's absolutely no limitations within the engine, and I can do whatever it is that I decide is in the best interest of the game! To know that I have the tools that I need to make some really great games at my finger tips, and that I can literally do whatever it is that I want is really empowering. I'm hope to see some really great things come out of this new sense of power over my own creativity. More than likely, it will result in much more difficult puzzles. Go figure.

The music for the game also finished the same day, which wasn't planned but is still very exciting. My buddy Josh who I met a while ago while we both were going to school for Game Production did an absolutely amazing job. I really didn't give him much direction other than tell him to make it good, and he did just that.

The "Overworld theme" as I've been calling it, is really lighthearted and epic, and really makes you want to go out on an adventure, and is also a stark contrast when you hear the Dungeon theme. The Dungeon theme that Josh wrote is amazingly tense and creepy, and is a complete 180 in terms of direction. It really makes you afraid, and invokes a sense of dread which I was really hoping for. The 2 different songs really bring about 2 different emotions, and leaving a Dungeon to go back out to the brightly lit Overworld really seems to feel like a relief.

While I had originally intended the game to be a embedded browser game, I've decided to change the direction with that. While it was a great idea in premise, with it being browser embedded, there was a lot of performance issues I didn't quite care for. While the game really didn't suffer too badly, depending on your running processes of your computer, and the things you were doing it could cause different lag issues within the game that even though it didn't seem to affect anyone that I had play the game so far, it really still bugged me.

However, another great feature of the full license of Construct 2, is it will actually export to a desktop Executable file, and that's how I will be letting people download the game! The game will still be free, but rather than being browser embedded, whoever wants to download the game to play it will be able to do just that by downloading the Executable file from the official site once it's released!

Anyhow, I have a ton of art to do, until next time!


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