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Thursday evening my Fiance was having a large amount of random symptoms, including constantly being thirsty, feeling weak and having blurry vision and so first thing Friday morning we decided to take her to the hospital.

After taking her vitals and taking some blood, we found out that she has Diabetes. To say the Doctor was shocked was more than an understatement since my Fiance really doesn't fit the bill for Type 1 or Type 2 currently. As of now, we're waiting for the blood work to come back so we can find out what type of Diabetes she has. For the meantime, I get to learn how to give Insulin Injections and everything else, and so far she's handling it really well.

As you can imagine with everything going on I completely blanked on updating this blog since my brain is kind of scattered at the moment. Though honestly working does seem to help keep me from stressing out too much. It's a lot to do when you first start out, but after a while it should get easier once her blood sugar is leveled out.

As always, as before I'm still working on Animations for the character. Who, still doesn't have a name, I think I'll give it another week for any more suggestions to come out before I finally decide on something some Facebook friends have suggested!

The only animation I have left now is his upwards walk animation and his left walk animation. Currently, I have it mirrored so when he walks right, everything is normal and when you walk left it mirrors his right side walk animation. The problem with this is, his sword and shield switch hands, since it's mirrored! So I'll be correcting that soon I hope.

Before that however, it's a matter of getting the kinks worked out with his movement. Figuring out a good speed for his movement, and a good speed for his walk animations so everything looks properly. I suppose I was a bit naive when I started doing his animations and figured I could just plug it in, and it would all work right, but movement and animation speed is definitely key, to anyone wondering.

If your characters walk animation for instance is too slow, and doesn't seem to match his movement speed it will almost seem like he's "ice skating" as he will slide a bit with each move of his foot. And if his walk animation is too fast, it will almost seem as though his movement is a bit labored even though in reality it doesn't change speed at all.

So for instance, you can have the exact same speed for your character for all four directions (down,right,left,up), but if your animations for his movements are at different speeds, they can all look entirely different, so that's what I'm working the kinks out of right now.

A large portion of the problems with a lot of Indie Games I've played, are the controls, and truly amazing Indie games seem to have amazing controls, so that's really a main focus for me currently before I really get into the main mechanics and AI programming. Once there's a couple different Enemies in place and their AI is working, it should almost be time for the Beta!


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