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To say that Kickstarter wasn't a huge undertaking would be an absolute lie. I remember when I first told someone I had just launched my Kickstarter they looked at me like I was absolutely insane and then promptly replied "oh man, I'm sorry!". At the time I really had no idea what they meant by that, but now I do!

I worked almost every day on the campaign, either interacting with people on my Kickstarter page (which I can't really call work, it was a lot of fun) reaching out to press people about the campaign or doing interviews to also promote the campaign. 

I will say this, there's a lot to be said for the power of the masses and word of mouth. When it came to the campaign, I was given the gift of a group of people from the Adventure Game Revival Movement that really took up the banner and took to various forums, told their friends and really help generate the word about the game! To say it was anything less than amazing would be to not do it justice. 

I never really thought about the support the campaign would receive when I first launched it, I thought I would be lucky to be honest if the game actually got funded by the end of it, and yet I managed to end the campaign at a 114%! 

Kickstarter was definitely a "Baptism by fire" when it came to interacting with the public and promoting myself. Before Kickstarter my experience promoting Sword 'N' Board was pretty limited, as I had never really had a reason to promote it at that point. I had no Greenlight page to promote, the game wasn't along enough for me to want to show it to people yet, so the Kickstarter was really my first attempt at any of that! A lot of people including Antonio Garcia really came to my aid and kind of offered their own feedback and suggestions when it came to things I should do with the Kickstarter, or who I should reach out to about the campaign. Without their help, I don't think it would have made it. 

Sure, I did a ton of work myself, but if it wasn't for the help of a lot of people, it probably wouldn't have been the same!


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