The Production Blog of Sword 'N' Board
Well, we have a working demo for Sword 'N' Board! Sure, there are still some things that need to be better programmed, and a few features need to be added. 

Currently, within the demo you can venture around a very small portion of the Overworld, fight enemies and use bombs to search for secret areas on the map. But a lot of the functionality that is needed for the Beta is really all there! It's just a matter of getting a portion of the Dungeon put together and making sure you can easily go into shops (and use them, something the current Demo doesn't have) and travel betwen the overworld and the Dungeon itself. 

Things that are needed for the Beta:

- Working Overworld/Dungeon maps (It's blank in the current Demo)
- Item drops from enemies (enemies will drop money and additional bombs)
- Sidd Redesigned
- 4 Directional Attack Animations
- Working shop with items you can purchase

And that's really it! Currently the game has very basic enemy AI, and very basic enemy animations but I feel they're fine for a Beta run through. Currently the most important thing I feel right now is getting all of Sidd's attack animations finished. I had finished his left and right animations before I decided he needed to be redesigned (to be a lot less "Link" like) and so he currently can't attack up or down, which is pretty annoying!

But, as it goes right now, there is a lot of stuff done that can be used for the Beta, most of the functionality for the game is there and can be played with. I've made some adjustments to the camera, it's a bit less Zelda like, but I think it really works, and really helps keep you in  the game. I always felt like the transitional screen scrolls the original Legend of Zelda had kind of took you out of the game at times, and so I'm doing what I can to eliminate the things I disliked before. 

The game company that I'm doing Concept art for, Hashbang Games is really on board with trying to help me make the game a reality and is going to not only help me find funding for Sword 'N' Board but also help me publish it as well!

You can check out a video of the Demo by watching the video below, and I promise to start updating again more!


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