The Production Blog of Sword 'N' Board
Well, here's another one 2 days later than I wanted... I have to say it's getting harder and harder to write these on time, and for that I'm sorry!

When I first started Sword 'N' Board it was for a very specific reason, well... a couple reasons really. The first was to help me learn an engine that I could then use to really bring the game I really wanted to do to life, and do so without the use of a programmer, and also to have something great to show in my portfolio and my resume to get a better job doing game development. 

Never did I imagine that during the games development that I would land that job that I wanted, which has been absolutely amazing thus far, which ends up taking up a lot of my time currently (no, I will not complain about being employed full time, drawing... that would just be silly). 

However, given the deadlines and expectations with game development, that's given me drastically less time to work on the game that I've been really working on since November! Before, I was working my normal 9 to 5 job with Big Fish Games and then would usually immediately come home and begin work on Sword 'N' Board until either my Fiance got home, or it was time for me to get something on the stove! I remember looking forward to the weekends in order to really focus on the game, so it's been a hard road when it comes to working on the game and finding time to still have a normal life and not neglect friendships and my relationship. 

I had hoped to have the Beta done by now, and get people playing the game, but unfortunately with a game that's just about to release (Gravi) and a new game in the works, it's made it that much more difficult. Will I get Sword 'N' Board finished? 100% absolutely! It's not in me to let a project that I've spent this much time on die. 

However, I do see May getting closer and closer, and there's still a ton more to be done! 

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