The Production Blog of Sword 'N' Board
To say it's been a productive few days is an understatement to say the least! Within the past 3 days I've managed to accomplish a number of different things for Sword 'N' Board in terms of prototyping the game.

So far I've got a life system set up (which will change from what is on the image now to something a bit less Zelda in nature, and a little more humorous because Adult humor is a hell of a lot more funny!) which will allow you to take a few hits before you die, and even add to your health should you find health to pick up after killing enemies.

That also brings us to the other thing that I was able to get working, which is random chances of money/weapons/health being generated when an enemy is killed. for the most part that was pretty easy to get working, the hardest part of it seems to be balancing between the enemies not dropping enough money/health so it becomes frustrating and not rewarding enough, to the enemies dropping them entirely too often and making things a bit too easy. So that's kind of interesting how something small can change the feel of the game entirely, but I'm definitely learning a lot!

Enemy AI is pretty simple right now, but I hope to add things to complicate it a bit. Right now it's very original Legend of Zelda, which isn't a bad thing but it definitely needs to be a little more sophisticated. So I'm sure a lot of my time will be spent there.

There's also an "Enemies Killed" display which will eventually be removed from the final game. It really was only put there to test a display for things like Money, Keys and other items with multiple different real time displays.

So far the basic functionality is there, and is coming along really quickly. I'm really looking forward to finally putting some final artwork into the game. I'm getting really tired of looking at moving blocks.


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